Abnormal Pap Smear Services

Any young sexually active woman should have a pap smear done every one year. If the pap smear result is abnormal, advised will be given to a lady regarding what other investigations may be necessary. This may include:

  1. A swab to identify which HPV and virus (Human Papilloma Virus)    is present and causing the abnormality.
  2. A colposcopy where the cervix is viewed to a microscope, dyes are applied and cervical biopsy is taken (link to colposcopy patient education). This will provide the laboratory with a sample of tissue to analyze as supposed to cells provide by a pap smear. It is therefore much more accurate.

If the abnormal pap smear is confirmed, advice is given as to whether one should wait to see if the patient’s immunity will eliminate the abnormality spontaneously or whether surgery would be required to excise the part of the cervix that has the abnormal cells.

Abnormal pap smears do not mean that you have cancer but only that you have some abnormal precancerous cells that if left unattended may over the past years time become cancer.